Saturday, October 13, 2012

though my story's seldom told.

Things I want to do:

1. Make a feature film sometime. A small one. Probably in North Dakota.

2. Continue with grad school.

3. Live in New York.

4.  Sell alot of writing.

5. Have at least one of my scripts produced by a major studio.

6. Teach film.

7. Live in Scotland.

8. See America. Or more of it, anyway.

9. Play a musical intrument.

10. Have some sort of success before my mother dies. Or, more urgently, before my father forgets who I am.

I feel as though I've been watching and reading many interviews of talented people lately, and so many of them have an odd and tragic thing in common-- their parent, the person who would have most enjoyed their success, died just on the brink of that talented person's victory. JK Rowling's mother, who had only ever seen her daughter struggle, died when Rowling was halfway through the first Harry Potter book. She didn't even know about it before she died. Ralph Fiennes's  mother passed just as Schindler's List was released and before  Fienne's nomination. This is apparently a very, weirdly common phenomenon. It scares me more than failure.