Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i am tortured, ever tortured.

because i have an urge to declare my love for musicians who don't care about me. ah tom waits, does not the fact that i love you mean anything in this world?

writing agenda for the next couple of weeks:
1. reconstruct rusty. adhere to screenwriting rules. adjust structure a bit and tweak dialogue a tad. submit to final draft by the 1st. party.
2. work on new script. hurrah. finish.
3. reconstruct rhymes with orange. make amazing shot list. assemble places. organize. do not sleep through existence.
4. look at one scholarship thingy per day.
5. write on fantastic novel.
6. at end of each week, send off various stories to various places. hurrahhhh..
7. write some excellent emails

just keep swimming...

1 comment:

Emily said...

I just tried to remember the lyrics to "I will buy you a new life" and instead started singing the lyrics to "white me in black suits" to that tune... confused the heck out of me. ps. I love you
(the movie ruined the whole "ps." thing. dammit)