Monday, October 5, 2009

I just bought tickets to see Bob Dylan on the 14th. For alot of money. I'm also going to see The Decemberists on the 19th. Stupid, stupid girl. Hahaha. At the same time, good for me. I'm not even given pause at the thought of going alone (which i am). Ha, goooood for me.


I'm tired, having not been able to sleep once again. But we are watching Michael Collins in class today so perhaps I will catch some zzz's in there, though let it be known that I am most fond of that gangly Mr. Neeson and his droopy hands.

Today, I shall go to class, do all of my philosophy homework, write to people about internships, finish a book, print off lines to practice, email a fellow about CLC, eat a salad, pick up some extra food items, and write to career people about jobs. Also, I will apply at blockbuster. Blah.

I need:
To lose weight. I went to the gym this morning, finally.
To get my room in order. IE LAUNDRY, hanging up frames.
To do some more writing for myself.
To paint some, also for myself.
To get an internship.
To get many jobs.
To be friendlier to people. I really do. I realize when I'm at school I make people think that they don't matter to me, but that's just because I don't like being around anyone when I feel gross about myself. And at LMU I almost always feel gross about myself. When will it all end?

Coffee. That's the answer.

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