Monday, October 20, 2008

I finished!

I finished my Western Purgatory Short!!! In one weekend. How fabulous is that? Obviously, it's just the first draft, but the majority of it is done and dealt with.

I don't find it brilliant, but I think it's fairly significant. Woooooo. DONEDONEDONE.

This makes 3 short films written, one feature, and another short on its way! Happy day, happy happy.


Sonja Nitschke said...

Congratulations and much awesomeness!

Marianna said...

Hello!!! I'm supposed to be reading these things! I am absolutely dying to read them! I want to know the stories. You are such a good storyteller it's not fair to keep them from me. Were I in California I would wring them out of you, but alas I am not so...I'll just leave lots of annoying comments until you send me them!