Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stories I Want to Finish Someday:

1) Story about the Whales.
In a little fable office somewhere in California, the entire floor of office employees decide to use their off-time on the same day in order to go see two dying, beached whales nearby. They have a picnic.

2) Story about Dentist
Girl goes to new dentist after her family goes on medicare. Dentist sucks. Dentist attacks teeth with great vigor, girl cries.

3) Dory
Memory about going to Dory's classroom.

4) Funeral Home
Girl works in funeral home since age 15 with close male friend. Male friend's friend comes to work there too, but the home is outdated and suffering from competition from other more hip homes. As the Funeral Home struggles to stay alive (haha) Girl ponders romantic interests.

5) Story about Election Day.
Young, pro-VOTE activist college student loses her virginity on election day and forgets to vote.

6) Story about Heath Ledger

7) Drunk Dial Story
Girl drunk dials her old friend while waiting for her sober ride at a party. Through dialogue only, she asks him why he never reciprocated her feelings

8) Girl labors over the idea of a Self-Portrait

9) Cat Story
Guy's room-mate kills himself. Guy is left with room-mate's cat, whom he hates but cannot just purge from the apartment. They become semi friends.

10) Owl Fable
To fit my owl drawing.

11) Elephant Fable

12) Story form of Cowboy movie

13) story form of Jackson Hole movie

14) Wine- functional family downs glass of wine over an evening

15) Joel- making friends with friend's significant other

16) the date- boy gets paired with unattractive girl while his attractive girl-friend is attracted to the fourth member of their party.

17) Black nail polish rebellion

18) downtown Ventura- Nell & guy with nose

19) super hero living in a vent.

apples survey
moving day christmas sea of boxes, first snowman on tiny car
man opening pornography box to find crazed cat
marianna talking about gustavo
stopping car in middle of beautiful road to breathe in
getting liscence and crying
the appeal of owls

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Marianna said...

Please write them, write them all!! I need to read them. It's painful!