Tuesday, September 15, 2009

oh we couldn't bring the columns down

deja vu.


i don't know about children. if i want to have them, that is. i don't feel cut out to be a mom in alot of ways, but sometimes i just have ideas about how to mold a human being without crushing them, and i think maybe i wouldn't suck at it. too much.


in class today i suddenly decided that i must write down all of my favorite names. forgive this, whoever happens to read this- i am not usually this person. but i do love names.

Dominic (or Donovan, but you can't have both)
Hadley (The Sun Also Rises is dedicated to him)
Loudon (no, the Wainrights had nothing to do with it... I swear..)
Dante (well, it's better than naming him Chaucer)
Zooey (oh salinger, you've ruined me)
I kind of like the traditional boy-boy-names like Harry and Charlie and Billy, too.
Jude. So I could sing HEY JUDE to him. He would so growing up either hating or loving the Beatles. I could just name him Lennon. Bet he'd HATE that.

Margot or (eux, I suppose)
Ophelia (i could call her Opie)
Portia (yes. yes. Shakespeare much?)
Kate (not Katherine, ever. but Kate is lovely)
Phoebe (oh Salinger again)
Audrey (ye old hollywood)
Ingrid (although I have to admit I keep hearing Roddy Mcdowall say it in That Darn Cat.... "INgrid!".... but on the other hand, it's such a graceful, feminine name, as in Bergman.)
Maude (Judd Apatow had the nerve to name his daughter this. kudos, apatow, kudos...)

In other news, I was just on itunes and decided to see what was new at the store. i discovered
1) i am not up on my hipness. at all.
2) all of my little secrets have become big secrets due to the popularity of this crazy internet world. damn. i feel tragically unhip.
3) fleet foxes? new song?

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Sonja said...

There is a boy in my creative writing class named Dante (random).

As for kids, I know I'd make a terrible mother if I had to be full time at it, but like you, I think I might be able to do some good in a child's world, which is one of the reason's I chose to be a teacher.

And I think that concern is me getting a head start on Erikson's Generativity vs. Stagnation.