Friday, February 26, 2010

folding john wayne's t-shirts with the swingset in his head

I would like to say a word on a subject I've been thinking about for awhile, and that I find myself thinking about tonight, after reading an exhausting amount of information about David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer.

But let me jump ahead for a moment and say this: I'm starting to think that the movie "Zodiac" is one of the most important films made in recent memory. It tackles something true and illuminated to me, and I hope to other people, something very meaningful and shocking. Although the movie shows the creepy scenes where the killer stalks and makes victims out of his targets, and though there's some good-ole detectin' goin' on at the paper and the police station, the movie primarily concentrates on the mental bug and the emotional wear-and-tear of the characters, and real people, who spent their lives trying to make sense of the killings and the phenomena, the people who tried to catch him. The obsession that takes hold of them, the paranoia that eats at them, the frustration, and, really, the horror that swallows them up is the main focus of the film. Their lives are essentially destroyed, even those who are not newsmen or detectives. They had no closeness to the actual DEATH, really, except that they fell into its grasp. They were helpless spectators that became victims just by observing-- and these characters stand in, to some extreme, for an age, for those people in San Fransisco, for those people who obsessively read the newspaper every morning, panicked about putting their children on the schoolbuses, knew what Dirty Harry was all about. Destructive behavior DESTROYS, it BREEDS destruction; the victims of murder stretch so far beyond merely the literally murdered. No one can put all of those pieces together. No other film has made this sort of statement, and the more I think about it the more the truth shines. It is an important thing-- no one really comes out clean, do they? So shouldn't we all do our best to prevent it, shouldn't we all care for oneanother, if we are all going to be effected by darkness shouldn't we do our best to shine the light?

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