Thursday, November 18, 2010

writer mchottie.

I'm one of those people who's not really into Tina Fey-- I didn't like her on SNL (until she came back with the Palin thing, that was great), and her writing sometimes comes off a bit bitchy when it's trying to be sharp. There's a host of witty, young female writers who look up to her as a total hero, but I've never been quite there. However, I am starting to like her more and more, and I certainly admire her career. SNL, Mean Girls, many successful seasons of 30 Rock, a Steve Carell movie, and somehow she's filled the niche for the Smart Hottie (she is totally gorgeous). That's a pretty impressive line-up when you think about it.

Anyway, when I saw this picture I cracked up. It's rare, kind of annoying, but also kind of cool that a (female) writer is this hip celebrity. Doesn't happen often. Woody Allen, Matt & Ben (who don't friggin write at all anymore), Owen Wilson (dittoooooo, why OWEN WHY?), Nia Vardolos (ditto... perhaps Nia only had the one great film in her), Diablo Cody at first... of course, she's a writer SLASH comedienne, but at least the WRITER label has always been prominent, something I feel like she sees to personally.

Yeah... I finally like you, Tina Fey. I'm sure you're relieved to hear it.


Sonja said...

Hmmm. I've never really gotten into Tina Fey either (I saw her as Palin though and that was brilliant). I don't really watch 30 Rock -- though I do vaguely remember reading an article about her where a higher up was dubious that she could bring anything as substantial and successful as 30 Rock (or was it something else...hmmm) to the table because she wasn't pretty enough and that whoever was representing her must obviously be sleeping with her.

I kind of wanted to throw egg on his face.

Why do you say it's kind of annoying that a female writer is this hip celebrity? j/c.

And, yes, she really is gorgeous in that. All she needs is a pair of brainy specs.

Katrina said...

omg, that dude is a beeyotch. let's kill him.

i just think that because she's a comedienne too, people are a little too crazy about her and make a big deal that she's a writer. alot of people praise her writing, and it's a big part of her celebrity, but that's kind of annoying because there are lots of other brilliant writers that are not household names. IE, alot of people say that they just loooove her writing, which may be true, but it's probably because they have a face to match it. also, like i said, she's not ALWAYS really good. But she still impresses me at present.

I have not been one for 30 Rock, again, because Tina Fey's writing on SNL was not good I tended to stay away from it and Alec Baldwin has always seemed creepy to me, but I've seen a few episodes lately and I have to admit it's really funny. Not quite my thing, but I can appreciate it.