Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Me: "I think it's more or less the scourge of the nation."

Coworker:"What's scourge mean? What's that?'

Me: "It's... a blight on our sense of morality."

Coworker:"...What's a blight?"

Me: "....A blemish. A zit. A VERY BAD THING."

Coworker:"Ohh. Okay. I know that one."

....Zero exaggeration.


Sonja said...

dot dot bloody dot.

But a blemish, a zit --- you crack me up. And make me sad. All these conflicting feelings.

Katrina said...

to this coworker's credit, she was at least honest about not understanding. but holy crap. i wasn't even trying to sound smart or anything. i was so depressed.