Sunday, July 3, 2011

feedback please?

Does it make sense that the vulnerable infuriate because they simply are vulnerable? I'm writing a serial killer, essentially, and I feel that this character has a deep-seated fury when it comes to people and society, and considers himself superior firstly because he's kept himself alive (IE has never been vulnerable) and secondly because he can kill others. They cannot keep themselves alive and they cannot kill him, so he thinks, and therefore that makes him angry enough to drive him to violence. He's not convinced that he's helping them, necessarily, but he keeps hoping that perhaps eventually someone will fight back or someone will prove themselves not vulnerable or easily tricked by him.

he does kill the vulnerable because they are an easy target, rather he targets the vulnerable because they enrage him. it may also be his way of combating even his feelings of sympathy for them.

...does that make sense? thoughts?

this script is so hard.


Sonja said...

It makes sense to me. I've seen people hating on other characters just because they're vulnerable or weak. And, you know, I think that's a lot of reason why bullies, well, bully too.

I might have more thoughts later.

Erin said...

that totally makes sense.