Sunday, October 9, 2011

First of all, I apologize in advance and in general for my language. I've never really been cautious about cussing, except where religious implications were concerned. I don't like to use "Goddamn" and I never use "Jesus Christ" because that bothers me, however all other words seem to be up for grabs lately. Which is odd because I'm not really around that many people who curse. I have a coworker that constantly squawks "JESUS!!" but that's about it. Who knows. I know it's unrefined and I try to refrain when the situation is inappropriate. But I think the problem is me. I talk to myself much too often, and that is usually when the cursing happens. It's for emphasis. At least I think so.

A full-on real blog post should be along soon, I'd like to get back to writing things of substance here rather than dashes of life. But right now I just want to celebrate the fall. It's such a beautiful season-- even if you're in a place where the leaves don't really change and you miss all of that colorful beauty (Oh, East Coast, I will see your colors one day), there's that FEELING and that CHILL in the air. It's like a promise that the wind brings us, and for me it must be soaked in nostalgia because it always makes me feel good. I always thing of holidays and good books and fireplaces and my cat and listening to music like Nico or The Weepies on a rainy Ventura day, staring out the windows of the cafeteria or the bus, eating a poptart or somesuch thing. Trading noir books with my friend. Drinking coffee and tea and helping my mom in the kitchen. Watching Arrested Development, curled up in my room after school. And even then, that subtle thrill! That promise that something is going to happen, even when you're snuggled cozily in your bed. Something's coming and it's wonderful.

I love the fall. I love it.

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Sonja said...

Have you seen what Stephen Fry has to say about cursing?