Tuesday, November 15, 2011

But my heart is return to Sister Winter.

Many apologies. Not for anyone who really enjoys reading my meandery writing, for I know you are either secret or few, but moreso to myself and to posterity. Sorry, posterity.

I wish I had kept writing about life here in North Dakota. It seems like, despite the fact that my life is not exciting at all, that there's always something important that I wish I had remembered, written about, something. I'm afraid of forgetting or losing all of this material, for the sake of future writings, of course, but mostly just for the collection that's growing in my heart. I'm starting to realize that's probably the most important thing to me right now, that's why I want to travel and that's why I want to live here right now. Shortly after I moved here I was discussing with the Marschner mother, Tanis (Gma's daughter), about how I'm actually fairly content here most of the time and how I like to experience the ND life and whatnot. Tanis, who has traveled quite a bit, agreed with me and said "There's two kinds of ways to travel: one is the tourist way, seeing things in passing, and the other way is really learning how other people live." And that is so true, and that is what I am doing.

Also, I am writing this from within my soon-to-be-snazzy apartment that I share with my roomie and California friend Amanda. Thanks to my relocation I am able to afford such a thing. Actually this really is quite a feat because in Dickinson the demand for housing is so great (due to the oil stuff) that it's nearly impossible to find a place to live, let alone an affordable one. So we lucked out in that respect. We are mostly furniture-less at the moment, equipped with only a couch, a mattress, and a few chairs, but we are working on it. We have plans. It's pretty glorious, actually-- the apartment faces West and comes with a balcony. This means I get to see my most favorite thing about North Dakota-- its HUGE sky at sunset-- as often as I want from the comfort of my room.

The other amazing thing about this is that my parents started praying for Amanda and I to be in a place in town (we've been living with Gma in a little place out in South Heart, 10 miles from town where we both work) before the first snow. It snowed two days ago. We had all of our stuff inside three days ago.

And now I have to shower, dry my hair and make myself somewhat presentable to meet my Dakootan friends for a DSU event and then onwards to work, even though I've been feeling ill ever since we returned from California. May be my body's reaction to the harsh start of winter (oh, but, body, there is snow. and it is so beautiful).

Life. What a mixed bag you are.

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