Friday, January 28, 2011

all my little plans and schemes

Today I've been obsessed with the simplicity of this beautiful song. Recorded at Lennon's home on some tapes, this song was rerecorded, but never finished. I like it especially because of Lennon's somewhat subdued, limited voice. He was never a really great singer, I don't think, but his voice here is so honest I want to cry.

Lennon is a real source of fascination for me, and one of those fleeting celebrities that I like to tell myself I understand somehow. That's not true, of course, there is no understanding a celebrity because they are always too far away from us. It is a silly idea. However, I think alot of people feel that way about many celebrities, and especially Lennon, maybe, because much of his songwriting was so honest. He did sort of keep his heart on his sleeve and underwent his "phases" very publicly, as embarrassing as many of them were. Lennon never really shut his mouth, even when he should have. Anyway, I guess that's why I like this song so much-- not only is it honest, but thanks to Lennon's very widely known sad young life, the song takes on a deeper level of meaning. I don't usually like to know very much about the personal lives of musicians, but as always a member of the Beatles seems to trump all.

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