Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am sitting here in the apartment, gazing into the kitchen and watching the morning activity of a few scattered large ants. The apartment isn’t infested or anything, and it’s not like there’s a huge trail of sugar ants marching our cookies through nooks and crannies, but these big ants sure like to make tracks. They’re really quite mesmerizing. I can’t bring myself to kill them at the moment. Of course, I’m also quite tired.

This week is going to be a bit long. I hope I can get some work done on my stupid script over this period. My roommates are all presently engaged with their church’s VBS which takes up their mornings and then their respective jobs in the afternoons and then socializing with their Bible school people who have come to assist the church with their yearly summer projects. This is not something I am particularly interested in, though I’m glad my roomie has something to make her happy. However. This means that I will probably not see a soul for the whole week. My lifestyle at present consists of coming home to the still somewhat flooded apartment and sleeping on one of the few pieces of furniture remaining in the place—the comfy couch which we have rammed into the kitchen (on the tile), facing into the spectacle of the ants and the various strange foods which remain. That is, not a lot to choose from. This is the apartment that Grandma, Bethany, Amanda and I share, however due to this floodtastic situation they are back over at the house across the street with the rest of the family. Of course I am welcome over there but I’m never sure who is going to be home or how comfortable I’ll feel by going over there at given times, so I mostly stay here. I don’t have any complaints about that. I can actually happily live on a singular couch in an dysfunctional apartment. Still, it’s a strange way to sleep. And these ants. Blast these ants and my nonmotivation to smite them where they stand.

I’m going to the gym today to start officially my new regime. We shall see if I make it a whole hour.

Edit. Well. So much for that. My direct deposit was not properly set up by my bank yet and I can't access my paycheck for another day or so, so no gym. Alas. I am too much of a pansy to go out running in this weird weather.

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