Friday, September 30, 2011

twinkle twinkle

I'm so tired all of the time. But. I love driving to and from work, even when I'm exhausted, because I always see STARS. Like nobody's business, incredibly bright and beautiful things, especially in South Heart. There are no street lights at all until the second exit for Dickinson, but I never really think about that (except when it's raining...), and most of the land is so low and flat that all obstructions vanish in the presence of the night lights. And I just think, ah. We didn't HAVE to have these. There is so much that we have been given that is so beautiful in the world! Life is so rough, in every manifestation of it (from early days of survival to... present days of survival. the means and situations in which we must survive change, but it's still rough, even in the age of iphones). But with every age comes another layer of beauty, too. I do not always see that, so I am thankful when I drive my little geo metro down the overpass onto the highway and see, as I have been every night this week, a shooting star or two pass me by.

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