Friday, April 17, 2009

off to see the world

i almost forgot what i wanted to write here about in the first place: a moment almost lost.

i was driving to lmu from ventura (after driving the 1 a bazillion times in one day), late at night, alone with my needy thoughts. exhausted. right before easter, which, even though invites were made, i decided would be best spent alone with a Bible, hw, and some marshmellow peeps (yellow). i was sad about this, sad about the last conversation i had, sad that i never know what's going to happen to me. it's like we're all jumping from some great height, but i see hands waiting to catch everyone else. i don't see hands for me.

anyway. another stupid tirade that leads no where and complains about life. moving on...

i was making one of those drives. now, the 1 is a coastal drive, winding, winding, at times level with the ocean, at times far far above it. At night this drive can be very trecherous because it has many turns, looms over the sea, and is NOT very well lit. AT ALL. There is a good stretch where there are no streetlights what so ever. I was going through this stretch, in fact, when I had another of those swing-on-the-dark paul-mccartney moments. I began to pass a point where the moon- gorgeous and full- spread over the sea, perfectly, creating the most amazing light over the water that looked like glass. The road was lit by two moons. Just as I was marveling at it, I realized I was listening to "Moon River", the Audrey Hepburn version [and yes, i know, i wasn't by a river but a SEA, but let that not be distracting]. It was so beautiful that I had to pull over to take it in. I cried, no surprise. I think it was a reminder that I wasn't alone.

I think the part of Moon River that always gets me is when she sings "there's such alot of world to see".

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