Thursday, April 30, 2009

you're a cow- give me some milk or else go home!

There's always something so thrilling about class registration (especially when it goes well...)

So far I'm registered for:

1 Screenwriting-- Directing for Screenwriters (which means I can keep my toes in production, yaaaaaay)

2 Screenwriting-- Writing the Sitcom. I had to take one TV class. Eh.

3 Philosophy and the Arts-- Core. Had to take philosophy. Scared.

4 Film-- Women in Film

5 English (elective)-- Chaucer (!!!! an entire class on Chaucer!!!! HURRAH!)

The theology offerings were weak this next semester. Hopefully they will offer that Dante class next Spring. Anyway, I still need to add 2 classes... Irish Cinema and something else, depending on what's available. Sigh.

These past couple of days have seen a strange rise in productivity for me. Sure, there's alot of procrastination going on, but it's the kind of strangely productive procrastination- where you end up doing things you actually needed to do just so you can avoid the one thing you really REALLY should do, but at least something's getting done. I stayed up two nights in a row.... very interesting results. Sure, I was dragging today but I wasn't actively "tired"... and I was pumped.

Good things happened today... films were edited. Finanacial things were straightened out. My check finally came a few days ago! So that was a lovely load off. I got word about places to stay in Ventura...

In order to function in the summer, I still must: get in job app + call CISS, call back ladies about houses, find an internship, register at VC, call the storage people and get my stuff packed and outta here. I was also thinking of applying to work at Firefly again...

summer goals.

work. alot. at ciss, at firefly, where-ever.
make Rhymes With Orange, finally, once and for all.
lose. weight. go running in the morning. do not look at scale until august. hurrahhh.
work on screenplays... clara bow, or ophelia, or wilson....
work on short films by swiping dillon's cam.
read alot.

... yes well.


Sonja Nitschke said...

I hope I'm not being too much of a prat -- but I'm just wondering if Philosophy of the Arts was the course you HAD to take, or if any philosophy class would do.

If it's the former -- don't be scared. I'm sure you'll be totally brilliant at it.

If it's the latter, and if you're still scared -- I'd recommend taking critical thinking instead. It's like math in that there's always an answer, only it uses words so it's like...cooler than math.

Again, I don't mean to be prat dispensing advice you might not want...but I feel weird not commenting.

The rest of your classes sound fun. :D As for sit talent is needed because the sit coms of today are

Good luck with the summer! It already sounds more productive than mine. ;)


Katrina said...

Oh, Sonja, I just now saw this, haha.

BLAAAAAAAH philosophy. I'm hoping I will be alright at it, I know I'm not stupid, but the fact is I have so rarely studied it, except occasionally on my own, that I am concerned. Blast it, I've never even read Plato, to the best of my memory. Sadly, I pretty much must take this class-- I had a couple to choose from, and this was pretty much the only one that fit that did not have a certifiably insane/slave driver teacher. Plus it kind of applies to my major, which is nice. Ack. We'll see.

New sitcoms SUCK, but I am a sucky comedy writer, for the most part, so unless I come up with some crazay cool idea I'm not thinking it'll be a productive class. Ah well. Oh to be stretched, tis a part of our education and it is good.