Sunday, March 28, 2010

third blog post in three hours.

...writing. hard.

but so rewarding.

things that must be written this week:

-Clara Bow part II, edit.

-Ireland annotated bibliography

-Western Thesis sequence 5 [75 freakin' pages!!]

-New script outline, new scenes

-Canterbury Shorts

-Essays. For Money.

-Graduation Announcement

-Edit and send next round of stories out for publication.

-Rusty rewrite half of script [60 pages] ewww.

Applications for CISS, Blockbuster, caretaker positions, entertainment jobs, and internships for the summer.

Short stories: Finish Demon story, Dad-Funeral story, Austism story, Self Portrait Story, and The States stories.

Research new screenplay contests.

We'll see how much of that I can cover.

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