Monday, July 19, 2010

but we could always sing.

I'm going to recall the concert now, before all is lost. But I will say, firstly, that the people I am renting from are currently housing someone else in their guestroom, and said person has brought along their two yappy dogs. Kim and Melinda have their own two little dogs, but they don't bark much and leave me alone, unless they're lonely and want love. These two new additions, on the other hand, are EVIL. They're either barking all the livelong day or doing hacky gaggy noises at night. Last night I was afraid that some weird creature had gotten in because of the odd noises coming from the kitchen. damnation. This is why I don't like dogs. Stupid animals. I miss my cat. Sometimes I still think she's around-- it's so weird to miss an animal like that. I can't imagine losing a loved human being. That, admittedly, is something I think about when I hear about weddings. For just a brief moment I wonder whether or not it's a really great love, and then I think how sad it will be when they're seperated by death. Yes, I'm a real upper, I am (in my defense, I only think about it for a moment. I chalk it up to my literary upbringing... maybe when you read Bronte you just have to think that way).

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