Monday, July 5, 2010


Books Read:
Crime and Punishment- Read. Loved. What an astonishingly good book-- I feel so much the better for reading it. More to come on that subject.
The Little Prince- My god. I don't know how many times my heart can swell, explode, and then be pieced back together, but that cycle happens about 15 times every time I read this book.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter- halfway through
Persuasion- A few pages in.
East of Eden- About a quarter in.
American Psycho- About a 4th to go.
Snows of Kilimanjaro
The Dubliners
May Day (by F. Scott Fitzgerald)
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly- About a 4th to go.
Invitation to a Beheading
(I always read many books at a time)

More from Emily's demands:
Spoon River Anthology- Edgar Lee Masters (Poetry)
-Water for Elephants
-Keeping Faith, Jodie Picoult (I have my doubts about this one)

Essays by Twain:
Advice to Youth
Sea of Galilee
The Pilgrim's Landing on Plymouth Rock

Paid off what I've been behind in for the Sallie Mae loan, but still way behind on credit debt. Job is stalled, so I am making no money. Resubmitted my resume to BB, will be commencing with training for PCS finally, as well as calling Blockbuster back and continuing to look for other jobs so that I will not have to stay at PCS for long (I've come to the conclusion that I'm too emotionally fragile right now (much as I hate to admit it) to be working with someone like this client I have been assigned to). I have no rent money for the first time, which is, uh, bad?

Spiritual Life: I've been getting a bit more in-touch and a little less delusional about the reality of it. I go through distant phases when I seem to think that it'll all take care of itself and that my participation in life and in the spiritual world (my relationship with Christ and my pursuit of Truth) will come together without action from me. This is wrong, and beyond than that I need direction now, more than ever before.

Films finished:
Bernie 2
Buckeye Jim

Mostly satisfied with both.

Shorts yet to be made:
The Autographist, Rhymes with Orange, Black River, Hadley
This are the major ones. They are all longer and contain dialogue, which I will have to have nice sound for, various settings, and decent camera operation. In short, they are more refined projects that require proper planning. I want a bit more practice first.

Short-shorts (eheh) yet to be made:
Ghostly: story about a girl who almost becomes a ghost
The Artist: story about a creator
Alice Noir: a series of short(!) bits of Alice-In-Wonderland through a noir lens. Some funny, some creepy, some tragic, all coming together to form a semi-coherent story.
Western stuff: I'd like to film a few short scenes from feature scripts that I've written. I have some very solid monlogues and short scenes that I would like to have on video.

I've written two short stories and a film short, nothing special, but I'm starting to work on my New York novella again and I've reassessed two of my full length scripts. My goal for the week is to polish off my thesis script and make it as perfect as I can get it so that I can start considering solicitations and stalking Clint Eastwood (because I know as soon as he reads it he will want to make it his next project (ala Gran Torino), his Last Western (ala Unforgiven)). I also want to get back to submitting some of my stories to publications every week.

Baaaaah. I haven't been eating very much because I haven't very much. I sneak off what I can from the kitchen, but none of it is very healthy. I ran for a few days but stopped. Buuuut I have had the bright idea to borrow a bike, so perhaps that will kickstart something and at least make it easier to get out and get pumping. I really want to start good habits. When I start to get some kind of money, then I can put together some type of eating plan. As of now, it's take what you can get.

I've been thinking about my style lately. Funny thing-- I have always had a certain style. There is a shabby chic, purposefully disheveled look that I have long been able to pull off. It's not the style that I want, necessarily, but it is what I can make work. There are times when I've slipped away from the chic and just wallowed in shabby, but chic can still happen. Anyway, I was thinking about that and about how I would like to perfect it and understand it better-- make better choices when shopping etc (when I do shop-- IE no time soon, but eventually... before I go to New York and Spain). And I realized.... hum. All this time I've been working on the Annie Hall look and I never knew it. Conservative, frumpy, scarves, trousers, dresses over pants, vests, coats, jackets and occasionally ties-- egad. How nice. I suppose I have something to work towards now.

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Sonja said...

I plan to apply to blockbuster today as well. Over the internet.

My god, woman! Those books! I've just read the first book of the Sword of Truth series (which is like pulp fiction, cheap for the soul). You shame me! I've only read one Jodie Picoult book. I wasn't impressed...

You occasionally wear ties? I am jealous by your bravery. Ever since I fell in love with Doctor Who (don't laugh!), I've yearned to sport a tie. Maybe without Ken around for much longer, I will.