Thursday, August 12, 2010

"I'd say life is wasted on... people."

such an amazing movie.

Pretty much tied with Kick Ass and TS3 for the best of the year thus far.

But then again I haven't seen very much in the theatres this year. Boohoo.


Sonja said...

You haven't seen Inception yet?

I watched Greenberg the other day and I have to say I didn't see what you liked about it so much (though I'm also aware I watched it at a bad time and maybe I wasn't in the right state of mind). If you have time, could you elaborate?

Katrina said...

NO i haven't and it's driving me MAD! but i can't spend 10 bucks on that right now :( i will see it when it comes to the cheap seats, but arrrgh the pain of it all!

Yes... the conditions under which you watch that movie could probably change your perception, like any movie I guess. I was expecting something pretty pretentious but it surprised me. I just thought there was alot of truth to the relationships in the movie. I mainly really loved how Greenberg was portrayed. He's such a uncomfortable, mostly unlikable person but I felt like they made his struggle/pain/whatever so clear that he was still sympathetic. I thought it was the usual Garden State type story except even more believable. Here's this guy who's really blown everything, he's his own worst enemy and he's also done damage to people around him. He's so undeserving and empty, and he starts to wake up, just a little bit, and stops running away. Not in a terribly life-changing Garden State type way, but in a more subtle, tip-of-the-iceberg way, and I think that's realistic. There's also her character who is so warm but so insecure too, and she can believe that there is more to him than emptiness, but she doesn't strive to change him or anything. She has her own deal-- she's lonely. And then there's his poor, sweet friend that Greenberg has to lose in order to realize that he needs to grow up.
I love the scene where he talks to his old girlfriend and reveals stuff about himself that's really important, that he's been saving to tell her, but she's just made uncomfortable by it.
I also just really like what it says about growing up in general and generation X melding with Y, and how loneliness is universal. Ah. It's really beautiful when I think about it. All set in LA, pretty much the emptiest town in the world.
I also really relate to Greenberg. I'm less severe and hurtful, but we have alot in common.
AHHHHH and the end is so great.
AND the Admiral Halsley song is in it, which is happy making.

Sonja said...

I stole quarters from Ken to see Inception (sadly, he stopped after about a month of such pillaging...schade). It's a good thing I'm not a saint. That's all. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did whenever you do see it. We shall have to discuss it when you do -- probably one of the most frustrating thing of watching was not having somebody to talk to about it over coffee or something. And then there were these hillbilly type characters behind me who felt the need to talk about the movie while it was going on (and it wasn't even that particularly intelligent) -- so distracting and frustrating. I feel like I'm in a veritable desert right now...

I will give Greensberg another try in a couple months or so because I hadn't really noticed that other stuff going on. I just remember really liking the English friend, and I really wanted some sort of catharsis to that relationship and then he just screwed it up -- which also, as you said, forced him to grow up.