Wednesday, August 11, 2010

lovely lovely. i have written some today. that far outshines everything else.

I have also had the striking idea to adapt Franny and Zooey, my most favorite book, into a play. And I want to put on this play. I'm not sure how I plan on doing that.

I am also going to finish the latest draft of my thesis tonight, which is going to make it acceptable to for me to allow other people to read it. I will then try to decide what I want to do with it.

Then I shall work on two short films that I need to get going, as well as the novella that I've been poking at for awhile, and get back to writing Rusty, my True Story, and maybe outlining/brainstorming for Pluto.

this is good.

otherwise, i have been constantly recommitting to change and positivity in these past few days. so far so good. it's really hard for me, but i have faith and optimism now, which is quite unusual for me. Thank GOD.

I keep thinking of this story I heard on a Beatles documentary (Surprise, surprise). Paul was talking about when they used to tour in England and would have to drive all night in a shoddy bus. One day, in the freezing snow, it went all the way off the road and crashed in a ditch. They were all OK and got out, wondering what on earth was going to happen, but John Lennon said "It's alright. Something'll happen." And it did. And that became their reliable saying for some time. Something will happen.

That's what I've been telling myself. And hey, if John Lennon said so then I'm inclined to believe him.


Sonja said...

Yay for writings! You seem to be getting more done than I - /jealous.

Will I be one of those other people allowed to read your thesis? =}

Katrina said...

I'm really not getting much done, I haven't in A LONG TIME but I everytime I get back on the wagon the ideas start going crazy and I can't get it together fast enough...

and yes, you will totally be getting that in the olde email :)

btw, thank you for keeping up with me. i have been reading your blog but too out of it to comment. but i have been thinking of you alot and i am trying to get back on ze ball as it were.

Sonja said...

I was going to go the movies yesterday (3 dollars for matinees), but I think I'll just go to Starbucks (against my better judgment) with my little writing notebook and try something in a different environment -- I've had some good ideas later but then the brain just gets all gummy with self depreciation and fatigue...

It's easy to keep up with you - you don't write hardly enough (this is supposed to read as a nice thing, but honestly I'm too tired to judge it accurately, but rest assured, it is said with good hearted intentions and in the spirit of friendship). Plus you're so busy having a life. Ever since I moved out it's like -- I don't know (it'd be better if I could get a job or if school would hurry up and start already). Thank god for blogs, I'd go crazy.