Thursday, August 19, 2010

women never faint, and villains always blink their eyes.

You may think that because I refuse to use the abbreviation-cum-word "lol" in constant conversation (or in general, at all, ever) that I am a snob. This is partially true. I just like words. Inserting LOL into every comment made with a keyboard is death. First of all, it's a lie. More often than not that person is not, indeed, laughing out loud as they claim. Secondly, it only steps in to advance the curse word curse-- that is, apparently, the vanishing of real or appropriate words from the average person's vocabulary with the addition of excess cursing to fill in the gaps. Filler. You know what I mean. LOL also serves this purpose. I don't know lol. hi lol. Lol a family of four died today lol (the dreaded bookend lols). Thirdly, the LOL serves the super annoying purpose of tone control attempt. That is, when saying something that may be considered harsh, or when joking or using sarcasm the LOLer will insert LOL at the end of said joke or comment. Your hair looks really bad today lol. No, I was talking to the plant behind you lol. I don't want to date you lol (the smiley face can also be used to achieve the same effect, which is a tool i'll admit to using myself).

So. What do I type to express amusement? "Hahahaha," usually. However, before you correlate that to aforementioned LOL #1 (or the other two uses for that matter), know that my hahahas are never pretentious. Never doubt that. My typed laughter is only a genuine transcription of whatever real-life LOL I am experiencing. And that's the truth.

...yeah, i'm really procrastinating right now.

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