Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am so hungry. I am so hungry. I am so hungry for REAL food, I've only just realized that I've had nothing but coffee for the past three days. What. I didn't even know that was going on. I came home, turned on the teevee, and noticed that EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL featured some kind of fantastic food that I wanted to gobble down. Namely, pizza, which I of course like but only ever really want when I'm hungry. Oh my gosh. I want pizza NOW. Or mexican food. Or a huge burger. Or a steak. With potatoes. Lots of potatoes.

This is probably how people go mad. I have no food and no money to go out for some. I may perhaps swipe something from the people I live with, like cheese or something, but I want a MEAL. With MEAT and dairy and freakin' potatoes. It's cloudy, autumn weather outside and it's chilly and I want a cup of tea and LOTS OF FOOD. Damn. It. Give me food, world. Come on. Also, some good TV would be nice. And no pizza hut commercials. Thanks.

Edit: once again TV screws me over, the latest Glee episode depressed me with its lameness and also made me incredibly hungry for a grilled cheesus.

Edit: Every series on TV right now is featuring their "food" episode. this was so planned. I should turn off the TV and read, however I'm afraid that the only thing I'll be able to find is a cook book or something.

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