Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was going to write chipperly about my financial plans once the paychecks start coming in (yeah, still living off that .74 cents), when I realized that I haven't yet recieved my bill from the government reminding me of what I still owe on my traffic ticket, which I didn't deserve, which I am paying off in installments. All of a sudden I had a horrible feeling. I dashed to my bank account.

Apparently the last payment I made, even though it said "debit 60.00" last time I looked, has now vanished. There are 60 dollars in my bank account that should be in the government's pocket. And I made the payment EARLY! And it SAID it was gone! SHIT. ALL I NEED IS THE GOVERNMENT MAD AT ME. I can't pay more money to them for fucking up. I can't believe this.

Ok. I know I just got a job and should be rejoicing, and I am, and I do, but 11 dollars an hour is chicken feed in comparison to what I have to get paid. My optimism is too fragile.

"Failure to comply will result in paying a civil assessment fee of 300.00, a hold placed on your driver's license, a civil judgement against you, referral to the Franchise Tax Board Intercept Program and wage garnishments."

Why me? Why am I so stupid that I didn't check on this earlier? Why did I think it would be fine? Why do I think anything is ever going to be fine?! WHAT HAS THE WORLD GOT AGAINST ME RIGHT NOW?!

I am so dashed.

Actually, it's not so bad, I'll get it figured out. I wish I had money.

I think I just need a real hug.


Sonja said...

If I were there, I'd give you a real hug. And then I'd take you to coffee bean.

What traffic ticket? What happened? And is the payment officially late?

And don't beat yourself up about not checking -- the day is too short with too many responsibilities to double check everything (and, as you said, it did say it was gone).


Katrina said...

Aw I know, Sonja. Any chance of visiting here at Christmas, btw? There is a SLIM chance I might be down there (drive! woo!) and I'd loooove tah meet ya. :D

Oh, it's an old thing, happened in June or something. I should have contested it because it was incredibly stupid-- policeman saw me make a u-turn in NOT a turning lane, however I had moved into the turning lane (albeit very quickly). He really pulled me over because he thought I was avoiding a DUI checkpoint (though I obviously wasn't, as he figured out), and then when he couldn't pin that on me he gave me a ticket for not turning in the turning lane. About 300 bucks. It was the first time I almost started crying in front of an authority person. I was so mad. I should have contested it but that didn't occur to me until I ran out of time, so now I'm paying in installments 'cause I'm a poor mouse.

ANYWAY, it's all going to be okay I hope. I went to the gov. center awhile ago and paid, and maybe they'll be nice since it wasn't quite a week late. If they're not I'll beg them. But I feel less freaked out now. That's the beauty of having a blog, I can scream about something without technically having to call someone up and then feel like an idiot later.

Sonja said...

I hadn't actually thought about coming down for Christmas. I'm not sure Mom would be able to get the time off and there isn't really a place for me to stay at my Dad's place.

But I might email my parents and see what they think.

If you come down, you must visit! Must! :D I might not have a car though so :p

Sonja said...

P.S That cop sounds like a douche of epic proportions -- I hope everything will be okay though.

Katrina said...

Yeah, most California cops are assholes right now. I think they're basically told to get who they can, economy being so bad and all. ticks. me. off..