Monday, October 18, 2010

Oscar Levant.

For some reason, today I am the highest form of curmudgeon.

I hate men today. For both personal and objective reasons. And women. I hate what women do to themselves.

Also, I hate children. While occasionally amusing, today all I can think when I hear them speak is that they're just miniatures trying so hard to sound like grown-ups. I hate that people are imitative and that children don't know anything except what they're fed by their parents and imitate from their peers (who are only demonstrating their attempts to sound like THEIR parents), resulting in a bunch of fractured, half-baked, and embarrassed little people, the smaller and less educated version of the adults in their lives.

I don't feel like being in the world today. I don't feel like participating.


Sonja said...

Ah, my slightly misanthropic friend, it sounds like you need coffee-flavored hugs.


Katrina said...

it's true.
i almost deleted this post because it sounds so harsh and ridiculous, but no. my curmudgeon-ness is too much a part of me.