Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hi, stupid.

you're not going to freak out and think that you're not supposed to take this job. money is money. you're not going to freak out because it's taking so long. you're going to stop being irresponsible with your time and you're going to stop living obsessively in your head. you're going to stop thinking about breaking all of your commitments just because they scare you.

you're going to patiently wait for this job, and blockbuster as well. you will work them both and when you have bad days you will just chuck it up to life and not destiny. if breaking bad calls you one day, you can freak out, but for now.... stay the path. do all that you can and for god's sake stop this stupid headtrip.

thanks alot,


Sonja said...

Are you getting another job along with your other one?

Katrina said...

Well, this was about the job I have now/am in the process of getting. It's just taken a REALLY long time... I've gotten paid for some stuff I've done independently for the girl I'm eventually going to be paired with, but I haven't been on the official payroll. it's been a drawn-out process and the more it goes on the less i want the job. i don't want to drive to SB everyday and I don't want to work with special needs people.

also, the girl i'm working with... has a major attitude problem. i don't mind her insulting me cause i don't take it too personally, but... she can be so stubborn and unwilling to work. she's spoiled. which kinda seems to defeat the purpose of the job. apparently she's one of the most demanding/problematic clients, ughhhhhhhh. but i so need the money. but it's taking so long! AND I NEED THE MONEY! BUT I JUST WANT VINCE GILLIGAN TO HIRE ME AND TAKE ME AWAY FROM THIS LIFE!!

arjalkdfjlajsf. that's the story, longwindedly.

Katrina said...

oh also yes, i think i might be going back to blockbuster to work a few extra late shifts. the money earned there will be my travel monies.

Sonja said...

Oh I'm sorry :( That sounds really stressful.

I was going to apply at Blockbuster...but then they closed.