Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer Goals.

So I don't know where I'm going to be by the end of the summer. Hopefully somewhat caught up, debt-wise. My friend wants to be a transient next year-- living in her car and public restrooms, and I might join her in an effort to be her wingman and to save money. At the same time, I so value comfort, the comfort of a bed and a humming fan over my head, of a clean bathroom. Oh, I don't know. I seriously need to begin paying off my massive debts, as well as saving up for travel and future survival. I hate that we have to spend money to survive. Why do we have to eat and sleep, why do necessities cost MONEY? Why can't it just be the extra things? Why do I need to pay for my phone, or my internet?

Oh, who knows. If I am a homeless girl for awhile it will be ok-- I'm homeless figuratively anyway, and if this allows me to save up my money then more power to me.

SO anyway, summer goals:

-Make alot of money. Pay off what I owe so far to Sallie Mae, and make serious dent in personal debt.
-Make the following film shorts:
World Traveler Two (which we just finished filming! editing time...)
The Autographist
Rhymes With Orange (a highly edited, reimagining of it)
Hadley, MemTrim Operator
Buckeye Jim (misplaced cowboy short)
Black River (first 5 pages of my Thesis)

and perhaps Pieces and a short series of Canterbury Tales referential films.

- Read/finish reading the following:
Crime and Punishment
East of Eden
American Psycho
Snows of Kilimanjaro
The Dubliners
May Day (by F. Scott Fitzgerald)
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Invitation to a Beheading
Birchwood (the last book I should have read for my Irish Gothic class. Yeah, never finished that one)

Also, I want to start on James Joyce's Ulysses. I have been advised not to attempt, but after sampling it and reading ABOUT it for my aforementioned Irish class, I must must attempt. It is a challenge. I'm sure I won't understand it in all of its complexity without making a proper study of it, but I can at least start chipping away.

-Lose alot of weight. I've been trying to get up early to run to the beach, but I'm really sucking at that. I may start biking and then make the transition. I'm also thinking of going on a mostly vegetarian diet. The people I live with are attempting it, so I may follow their lead. I just can't move to New York and not be drop-dead gorgeous and at least somewhat in shape.

- Concert wise, I'm going to see MGMT, Blitzen Trapper (a grad present), and PAUL FREAKIN MCCARTNEY IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!!!!

- Continue to submit stories to publications, and edit and refine my thesis and my Rusty script. Send out to contests and whatnot. Finish shorts, and send those out as well. Work on Fritzybaby, my new original script, as well as finish up Clara (no rush on that one) and begin another new one, like the Pluto one or the Anti Flirt League. I'm not sure on that-- but I need something else, something original to add to my portfolio.

I'm also still toying with the idea of transforming my thesis (Black River) into a series. HM.

- See a list of films that Dominic and I have assembled to watch throughout the summer. There are a number of obscure classics on said list that I haven't seen! Argh. The Killing Fields! How have I not seen The Killing Fields?! (this will be kept track of on my cinema blog, Cinephiliac.

-Start/work on 'Zine with my friend Emily McGuire. FINALLY! We've only been talking about it for a year.

-Try not to go all that many places, other than where I must.

Find amazing gifts for the following birthdays:
My sister's
My Mother and Father's
Marianna, Dominic, Kate, Jon. Damnation, why are so many people born in the summertime?

- Keep an eye out for internships, and continually fax my resume/cover letter to the Breaking Bad folks.

Sigh. This is doable. Isn't it?

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Sonja said...

Of course it's doable! Your summer sounds more productive than mine. :p

Still, I'd think you were the bravest person on earth for just living in a car for a year -- I mean, really. The very thought just makes me pale.

Your reading list sounds very brainy -- so much more so than mine. Of course, I hate reading lists because, inevitably, the public library has nothing on my list (I mean, I just wanted to start reading the sci fi masterworks, and they didn't have any of the books on that...what the heck?). I also want to read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao... sigh. Need more tiiiime!

I switched to a semi-vegetarian diet after I got back from California. For lunch, I have honey oat cheerios with skim or 1% milk + one hard boiled egg (protein and brain food). For lunch I have a handful of pecans + prunes + raisins (wanted craisins too, but they all had added sugar). For dinner, fresh asparagus (though it doesn't last that long -- I might have to see if I can find some frozen ones) + mushroom + red pepper + baby carrots. I chop those up, pour them into a microwave safe bowl, put two tablespoons of water in, and then zap it in the microwave for 2 and a half mins. Then I put freshly chopped tomatoes on them and pour a liberal quantity of salsa over it (I based my diet on anti-aging, oxidant rich sad is that? :p). It's actually quite delicious and easy to make. I've taken to drinking unsweetened green tea unless I forget to drink it. I've been biking every day to school (two miles one way) and not doing anything else. Since I've been back from San Fran I've lost about 5 pounds, give or take (but I didn't start the official eating regime until about a week ago).

I've decided to make up for all this healthy stuff by having Sunday designated as Starbucks day in which I study in a cafe while I drink an outrageously sugared beverage that is every so good.

You should transform into a series. I much prefer television series to movies any day of the week.