Monday, August 8, 2011

I got a cartilage piercing yesterday. It looks cool. Yep. Cool. And I finally decided what I without-a-doubt want as my tattoo (a blackbird with the lyrics "all your life you were only waiting for this moment to be free".... or maybe "to arise." I can't decide. Nevermind, I fold at tattoo planning for today). Neither of these additions to one's body seem very me, but I've been wanting a tattoo (one. ONE) for quite a few years, and the piercing thing. Well. One gets bored.

Yesterday after work I was also so tired that I wound up having my first full-blown crying jag since I've been here. I was trying to stay up after work in order to go to church, but I had already been up for so long that I was just suffering in the church parking lot in a giant creeper van and all of a sudden things seemed very stupid. After crying for about an hour and a half and then sleeping for 14 more, I seem to be all right.

Writing = still frustrating. But get this. A few days ago, mother goes to partake in lunch catch-up with her cousin, one of the few members of the family who really likes me (due to my traveling/artsy tendencies/dreams) . Honestly, I don't even really remember the woman but that's irrelevant, she's always been awesome to me from afar. Anyway. After hearing my lifeplan via Mumsy, cousin tells my mother that her best friend (since highschool, who she even planned on marrying before she found out he was gay... tmi?) is now the PRESIDENT of the SYFY CHANNEL in NYC.


And that when I go there next year she can hook me up.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?

Anyway. Time to nerdify and catch up on the scifi trends.

All of this must have caused me to have the dream that occupied my subconscious last night. Which I think was memorable due to the intense feelings involved-- and for once, not intense in a depressing way. My parents and I and maybe some random other characters were making a car trek through some states, and at one point we were driving towards a large, futuristic looking city (reminiscent of parts of the movie AI, which I haven't seen in YEARS but seems to stick with one), and I was like-- I recognize this stuff. What is this? And my parents were like, SURPRISE! We're going to New York! And of course none of it actually looked anything like NY really looks, but my subconscious must not have been able to conjure up anything uber familiar on such short notice. Dreaming on a budget.

So we cruise into the city and look around, and stop first at this museum place. We're confused about what lines to get in, but then my parents tell me that surprise, despite the fact that I thought they never traveled, they have actually been here before, and that this museum actually is mobile-- it actually sprouts legs according to schedule and takes tourists around, guided by a holographic tour guide, so long as you get in the right line. So we do that. And I'm so excited and happy to be in New York that I can hardly stand it.

An outlandish preview of real life, I hope. Except I don't want my parents to be there.


Sonja said...

Picture of your piercing?

Katrina said...

Hmmm... I will try to magic one up, but it's one of those things that's kinda hard to take a picture of. Either you get a picture of my face in which you can't really see the piercing or you get a picture of my ear, which is kinda gross. But. Shall try.