Monday, August 8, 2011

it's so good to learn that from here the view goes on forever

My friend and I have a specialized way of communicating. I find most of his conversational texts just utterly great so I have a hard time deleting them, but so many have accrued that I have to just get rid of all of them. But. I can't. So:

Him: 3/1
Sybil! Ahhh dammit Sybil! I cannot come to get polly with you. Manuel has the most elephantine classes on Tuesdays.

Him: 3/2
How ya doin', squalor victoria? Tis a National day over here.

Me: 3/3
Still breathing. The National is always choice. it's been U2 over here today, know ye "Far Away So Close"? Favorite.

Him: 3/3
Aye. Reminds me of late nights in the old town. 711 cigarettes, and you can go anywhere.

Him: 3/5
Forgive me! My phone died and I crashed on a foreign couch. am at work now. are you all right, buddies and pals?

My goggle! Quite so, quite so.

There ain't no QUARK in my BEND-IT!

Me: 3/7
Apocalypse Now, NOW! Come home! Lonely cigars and napalm in the morning.

Me: 3/11
What. Hellooo. You call. I'm in a movie. What's the rumpus?

No rumpus, no rumpus! Enjoyensie ihre film.

Me: 3/12
Gone to bed, lambchop?

Him: 3/13
Hello apocalypse now now, I'm going to bed to avoid death on freeways.

Me: 3/13
GOOD. Previous visions of death expunged. Sad not to see you, though.

Him: 3/13
Aye that too. We talk soon.

Me: 3/13

Him: 3/13
???...Rawls alms's....?!?!!

Me: 3/14
Sleep well, fearful Jesuit. {ULYSESS REFERENCE}

Me: 3/14
Doya have school on Wed?

Just alot of HW, what goes?

Actually nothing. I had a whim to break out of here for an afternoon, but it's passed now.

Well, come on down if it blows round again.

Unrelated: You read the part where Stephen's at the library expounding shakespeare theories, right? Do you reckon that's satirical or serious? Or both?

Leaving Ventura now. See you in a few. {Day I officially decided to move to ND}

Meet me at school, for we must feast and free is all I can afford.

Me: 3/17
What was Plato word? Want to remember before I forget.

Him: 3/17
Eudamonia. Spelling Bah. Read Symposium.

Me: 4/2
I am officially an impressive person {upon the finishing of Ulysses}

Well done, good and faithful Jesuit!!

Me: 4/5
I am going to North Dakota. What.

That fact continues to surreal my brain, Black-hills wise.

Me: 4/9
Annnd now I'm abandoning my packing for cookies. Eff you and power of suggestion.

Damnation I am trapped library desk ! cookies !

Serves ya right. Your car will lose, Leslie will lose, I WILL WIN! AhaHA!

Me: 4/11
Hands remember, rocking chairs, black hills snow frightening. If send address will write real letters?? Ugh dead.

Will send letters, is promise. If send invite, will u come to Torrey Grad? if smoke, will you smoke with?

Me: Yes I said yes i will yes. Marlboro with a mickronee finger. {WAY TO WORK IN A ULYSESS + obscure Beatles reference}

Me: 4/14

Isn't it a great town? i feel at home there.

Me: 4/14
Have a bit? Am in Portland. Want to walk about but is busy city and dark and late. Would like someone on phone?

Him: 4/15
Katrine are you alive because my phone was dead and i do not know! Trails happy?

Never to doubt the Texas Ranger.

Me: 4/16 {Seattle}
I just literally defended myself with an umbrella.

CALL ME RIGHT NOW. But get to a safe place first.

Am fine am fine and fine fine.

Him: 4/17
Still alive, Texas Ranger?

Ever stalwart. Tonight is long drive though.

Him: 4/18
You need to stop nearly dying when my phone is dead. You need to stop nearly dying. I need to charge my phone. Ere yew alaive?

Ever stalwart! Alive and [mostly] well in South Heart. What a strange thing life is! We talk soonish, I hope. Do check your mailbox.

Him: 4/21
Ahahaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Just got the cowboy postcard. Death by chortle.

You are tryin' to get at me.

Me: 4/27
Why, Martha! Your Sunday Chapel Dress!

Him: 5/2
Those assholes want me in the field a minimum of two years! They are not Lebeouf. {Darjeeling Limited + True Grit reference in one. Nicely done}

Me: They are men... who walk in front of bullets. I wouldn't worry, though.

Me: 5/7
Who is that contemporary author you love? Also, SQUEEZE the Heinous One for me today, I cannot get her on the phone.

Him: Jonathan Safran Foer? Annie Dillard? Etc? Will do, Mumzy. Give me five shillings.

Me: Excuse me, JSF is MY contemporary author, not yours. Must be Annie. Shillings: cracked me UP. Tears. Letter soon?

Him: Letter sent tomorrow. yes, past tense in future.

Me: 5/17
Received your letter yesterday, about the time the doorknob broke.

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