Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today has been one of those overwhelming "real life" days. Y'know... when you realize how much money you owe and that even though you're making bank at your job you'll never be able to get ahead. WHAT'S A GIRL GOTTA DO TO BREAK OUT OF THIS JOINT?!

School debt. Late fees on unpaid school debt. Credit card debt. DMV debt. Random work registration. Airplane tickets to go to weddings. Deposits for internet service (gee dee!!). GAS. Car repair. And I'm still desperate to get my filling replaced and get freakin' driving glasses before I go blind, BLIIIIIND!!

BUT THERE IS NO MONEY. Despite the fact that last week I got the biggest paycheck I've ever received, I am now in possession of about 40 dollars until the 20th. Eff. Eff. So annoyed. And I can't write! THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY OR MOTIVATION IN THE STUPID WORLD!!!! And when I don't write I don't feel like working out, because if I can't write, then who cares? Not me. Eff. arararrarararrarrrr.

Oh well. At least I do indeed have a job. I just wanted to be more out of the pit by now but stupid things (OVER 900 DOLLARS???? REALLY???? FUCKING A!!) just keep dragging me back IN. Damnation.

And I'm lonely today. Despite the little string of weirdo redneck hicks that just came into the coffee shop and this random guy sitting across from me, peacefully reading a book called-- no lie-- "He-Motions." Like... emotions? For men? Or is it a religious thing? Either way, I hate it.

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