Thursday, August 18, 2011

So, it's been a lousy week, work-wise. Well, not so much work-wise as sanity-wise. A few days ago I watched Grandma, who has gotten to the point where she will not let me sleep, which is troublesome considering I NEED to sleep during the day. Of course I love Grandma to pieces but. Grandma. Nap time is nap time. So I got no sleep that day or the next, when we hung out once more, and that set off a very treacherous pattern involving me only being able to sleep for 30 minutes at a time and therefore getting no real sleep for about four days, which begat a painful cycle of anxiety, which prevents me from sleeping (because I'm scared about not sleeping), etc etc. So I'd show up to work completely wiped and sleep on break, all in all getting about 3 hours of sleep per day. Ish. Anyway. I finally got some rest last night so I suppose I'm good to go, but I still have a cranky strain of exhaustion in my head. I hope I am not on my way to getting sick, blah.

Reading about screenwriting today for the first time in a while. Itching to start new projects and follow them through, but still plugging away on the old western. Ah well. Must MUST get to the point of writing every day, no matter what, whether it's on my main project or not. And yes. I want to have many projects (which... I do...). Also I need to get started on other projects, like career-building and networking projects. I'm getting back on twitter, and not just to read Conan's tweets (although I still think they're pretty much the only thing worth doing on that stupid site) , to NETWORK. And I suppose if I'm going to be a serious working writer I need a website, eh? I also need a MAC. And I also want a camera. Nothing fancy, just something to tool around with and make fun things. I hadn't watched my short movies in awhile, mostly avoiding them because I get worried that maybe they won't be as good as I remember them, but I watched all of them again last night and I was just so pleased with how entertaining they still are. Sure, they're amateur and completely technically unimpressive but they're actually good. I enjoy them, anyway. I want to make more.

So I guess that's the strategy. Write every day. Network. Submit stuff. Work on a website. Tool around with film-making some more.

I've fallen into popularity with the very young crowd at work (and in Dickinson in general). Turns out all of the highschoolers tend to really appreciate me for whatever absurd reason and I have become an honorary HS senior/college freshman. Which I suppose is nice since it hearkens back to one of the positive times in my life. But that doesn't stop it from being hilarious and a little weird, considering my life consists now of very few people my own age: highschoolers and the elderly. Will this provide me with some balance, perhaps?

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