Monday, August 8, 2011

Things I really like right now:

1. Quiet Song:
Eat Yourself by Goldfrapp (a band I don't usually like)

2. Happy Song:
Elle Me Dit by MIKA (I have no idea what he's saying, not even a vague topic, but I LOVE this song!)

3. Movie:

(it's like a classic western except with random interjections of spaceships and stuff! and really good casting! AND DAMN DOES DANIEL CRAIG MAKE AN EXCELLENT COWBOY OR DOES HE??) (OH and SAM ROCKWALL AND PAUL DANO are in this too. YES on favorite supporting actors)

4. Other movie:

(a little movie called The Music Never Stopped. It's a bit long, but I just reveled in it. the power of music on a human soul is just... amazing. also, I LOVE LTP. also, I LOVE JK SIMMONS. so. this was good.)

5. Book:

The fact that this entertaining and incredibly thorough history lesson is written by a Python is just a delightful bonus.

6. Word:

Pancake. Just. Yum. If you say one word all summer, make this it.

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