Saturday, April 10, 2010

bizarre late morning dream:

Before I forget:

Some guy who was kinda supposed to be a Donnie Darko type and I were working at a little bookstore together. I assume we were kind of "together" but he was all troubled. It was a semi-futuristic world, but only slightly.

We went to a B&N type place on a field trip. There was something about a molester/sexual deviant living in the apartment complex that I was living in, and some earthquake thing happened, but I don't know the significance of that. Anyway, so we went to this Barnes and Noble esque place, which was also a bit like a natural history/science museum at points, and one area was about cloning/splicing etc. This one case was supposed to have ants in it, but if you looked closely you could see that they were actually little people. There were a ton of books surrounding it, telling about how to care for them as if they were pets. Donnie was really upset and fascinated by it, and he started spouting all of these facts about them, and saying that loud sounds were enough to kill them. Just then this horrible alarm went off in the store and Donnie freaked out because he knew it would kill them, and he was super upset so I just held on to him all dramatically until the noise stopped. Then one of the manager guys came over to us and started prattling on and on like a crazy person about how the earthquake alarm keeps going off, and the gas comes on afterward to "help" the air, but he lied on his business license and didn't actually buy air insurance and now he was concerned that they would find him and he was going to die and bla bla.

And that was it.

Very strange.


Laura Allyson said...

That's so weird. And so cool. I don't know why.

Katrina said...

The part at the end was weird/cool... I wish I could remember everything that the manager guy was saying. Even in my dream I was thinking "this could make an interesting sci fi type story..." But then many of my dreams are like that.

I had one the other day where I thought I was Sherlock Holmes and I was showing Watson, IE Jude Law, that if you place a cup of hot water with lemon by a wall you can hear through the wall. Which made PERFECT sense at the time.

Laura Allyson said...

The Sherlock bit made me chuckle aloud. I wish that really did work, damnation. Somehow, though, I can't get past you and Robert being the same person. I think he looks better with facial hair.