Saturday, April 17, 2010

what i am listening to right now:

crying lightning- the arctic monkeys
crying- roy orbison
the sweetheart tree- pam dahl
singin' in the rain/good morning- singin' in the rain soundtrack
oom pah pah/reviewing the situation/as long as he needs me/be back soon- oliver! soundtrack
faust- paul williams (phantom of the paradise)
hide & seek- domino
i and love and you- the avett brothers (still)
smile- charlie chaplin
meteor- owl city
old soul song- bright eyes
ghost mountain- the unicorns
weary kind- crazy heart soundtrack (still...)
crimson and clover- tommy james
sweet baby james- james taylor
walk with you- ringo starr & paul mccartney
that's life- frank sinatra
hoppipolla- sigur ros
best supporting actor- one for the team

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