Thursday, April 8, 2010

will we get the big jobs, will we make the big money?

when we look back now will our jokes still be funny?


one month and i am a freebird.


Sonja said...

I am so excited for you!

Do you have any idea what you'll do after graduation?

Katrina said...

thanks! :)

mainly just working menial jobs after graduation, just to make money and pay off debt. i'll live in ventura, probably, meanwhile trying to get entertainment jobs and internships. once i've got some money together i'm going to move to san fran or NYC or someplace in Europe... the way i think of it, for the next few years working menial jobs is okay, so long as i continue writing, polishing, and submitting stories for publication and scripts to agents and contests. also, as soon as i get moneys, i can move anywhere i want. if you're going to work a menial job, you can work anywhere. i mean, might as well work in NYC and internship if i'm just going to be working at Blockbuster, y'know? so that's the plan for the next 2-3 years, and thennnnnn grad school in Scotland or England! :D and then real-career time, which i'll be happy to settle into because i'll have finally traveled and "seen things." yeeeep :D what about yourself? how's the grad search coming?

Sonja said...

I am so envious of you! You've like sprouted and blossomed while I'm still germinating!

But, even if I'm envious, I'm so happy for you. =)

Grad school search isn't going great. I was hoping to be able to find a good college so that I wouldn't have to be totally on my own (see, this is the germinating part), but so far I'm really leaning towards going to Clarion, which is in Pennsylvania. Hopefully, I'll have my teacher's certification and I could sub, or find a good job because of my B.A or, if that fails, I'm sure the local theatre would be glad to have me.

But I can't decide if I want to master in English or Library Science. I'm leaning towards library science because sometimes I feel like a murderous wretch dissecting my darlings. Also, I could specialize to be a school librarian, which I think would be easier to get a job than a regular librarian (especially since one of the requirements for admission is a teaching certification).

Also, I heard there was a program where librarians could swap positions. Like I could go to England and the person in England could take my place.

Wow, sorry for rambling. :p