Sunday, April 11, 2010

some people get their kicks stompin' on a dream.

Is it wrong to find yourself crying to Roy Orbison's "Crying"? Is it a little too Frank from Blue Velvet (that was In Dreams, but still)?

That's the thing about those 50's-60's ballads. They were generic and simple and angsty in their little ways, and the phenomenon of their popularity was like teenage girls today with the vagueness of franchises like Twilight. They can replace the normal or general main character with visions of themselves. In the 50's, scrubbed and squeaky-clean boys and girls could listen to Orbison and the like, just like their parents, and feel as though their story and their pain was being told, because really the songs bore little to no detail description. just general sadness and heartache and lovesickness.

i particularly like the newer duet with kd lang. wow.

I guess the trick still works, because Roy Orbison has really got me now.

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