Saturday, April 17, 2010

old notes.

Throwing away a bunch of papers and minimizing as much as possible, I stumbled across a little notepad that I used to write letters to my best friend in. I think she gave it to me just as I moved away from Texas, and I was meant to fill it and send it back, but alas. Apparently I did not do that. But it is fun to read:


Dear Emily,

I'm writing to you on the notepad of wisdom and wit. I know this is not its specific usage purpose, but the movie has not yet started and I am bored. The movie people here are actually nicer than the other ones somehow. THere is even one that is slightly SMAIL*. Unusual in many ways, yes? I'm sure you will agree with me. Oh my god. A creepy old fat guy just sat down nary 4 seats away in a completely EMPTY THEATRE. Remind me to freak out about this later.

I got a small popcorn, which, although it reminds me alot of you, was not really what I wanted. The bored concession people were starting to wonder what I was doing, which btw, was trying to decide what kind of butter I prefer. One wonders about this.

Ah. Good. Another person has come in. I think it's a lady, judging by the clatter and flip flop of her shoes. Ahhh scary PFFT NOISE!!!! DAMN SPEAKERS.

I think Open Water is playing right next to us, because I hear people screaming.


Danielle Steele? People who came to this film like to come alone. Well. I'm glad I'm seeing it alone, dammit. PROUD, even, yes! [proceeds to list movies i had seen by myself for no apparent reason]
[doodle of catwoman]

THIS MAKES NO SENSE. ANOTHER OLD GUY HAS JUST SAT DOWN ON THE OTHER SIDE OF ME. If the old people do inherit the eath they'll do it by sitting next to HELPLESS YOUNGSTERS!

Annnnd now his wife just joined him. I am surrounded.

[ominously, that is the end of the documentation. one can only assume i was overpowered]

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