Saturday, April 17, 2010

this is what comes of studying up on the coppola family.

I am so much more of a dreamer than a do-er. One of those people who will always have wonderful, beautiful ideas but lacks the skill or the drive (or both) to force communication through pen to paper, through camera to film.

I wonder if medication would change that aspect, or if its just something inherent, this trait that prevents me from pressing the button, max. It's not laziness, my work ethic is usually strong, nor can it be stupidity (or so I like to think). What then? Fear? I guess that's close enough.

i spotted this on PostSecret after a few days of job and internship apps. feeling a little self-indulgently down on myself and the world right now, but this sort of caused me to straighten my shoulders and buck up. not cheering, exactly, but definitely well-expressed.


Emily Gant McGuire said...

It is fear of rejection for me. I myself go through the same thing. It took me months to finally let go of my insecurities when I sent you my ten poems, and I go through this with everything. I was going to ask you on facebook, but I'll just ask you on here: Are we still doing this m'dear? Once the semester is over, I really want to start working on it.

Katrina said...

I'm so sorry Emily, I know that takes alot to do! This semester has been so insane for me, writing wise/mentally that I can't multi-task at all. But yes, yes, YES I still really want to do this!!!!!!!!!!! I promise! And we are going to pull it together when the semester ends. When is yours over? My graduation is on the 8th.

Emily Gant McGuire said...

You're graduating?
LUCKY! I was supposed to graduate this semester, but (and I think I told you this) I found out about how I had to take the extra semester. Are you nervous? I'm so scared of life after college. Oh yeah, and disregard the beginning of the comment I just made. I wasn't aware you had commented back.