Wednesday, September 29, 2010

all dolled up in straps, where have you been?

All this evening I've been looking into the au-pair life and getting info together in order for me to pounce.
Hi Dublin, let's be friends.

I'm very tired of lazing around here, nothing is going to happen until I really make money. There is no way I could stay in LA even if I got a cool job, the cost of living is just too high for someone who not only has an empty savings account but owes everyone money (gaaaaah!), and one of the things I most want to do is travel. So. Even though the au pair jobs don't offer huge salaries, they DO put you in magical places. Handy. At the very least I can look into getting something for next summer. I'm caught between Ireland, Italy, and Germany (Germany has the best salary, but... I love Ireland, and they speak some form of English... plus, I've read all of their books and seen all of their movies thanks to LMU, haha). If I did that through next summer, I could check out the area while I was there, then trek around using "WOOF," a program that houses volunteers on farms in Europe, and then I could take up au pairing again some time in the fall in another country. Hmm. These are ideas. Maybe the summer is indeed a good goal- in the meantime I can work very hard at making what money I can, writing up a storm, losing weight, and maybe making a jaunt up to Washington or, dream of dreams, NY. OH NYC, I need to be with you someday, it's driving me mad, it's driving me mad.

a thing that occurred to my stupid brain lately in a stupid way:

1) I saw an Cormac McCarthy interview with Oprah today, and Oprah asked him if writing was his passion, mentioning that she always tells young people to do what they feel passionate about without thinking of the payment because engaging their passion IS their payment.
.... ?!
of course, i've always thought that you have to pursue your passion and hope for money to follow, but i had never thought of it THAT way. engaging your passion IS your payment. writing, even if no one gives a shit, IS your payment, because you love it. if you're an accountant who loves to write, then you account so you can make money so you can write on the weekends, but that's almost pointless if you think about it. why not just write? ha! i scoff at Oprah sometimes, but you gotta hand it to her. nice job, O.

onward, blazing pens!!

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