Monday, September 6, 2010

dear mad men,

So, my loyalty is still with Breaking Bad, however Mad Men is just absolutely killing me (in a good way) this season which is already hands-down it's best. The slow-build and character development of the show has paid off big time (though never explosively, which no one really wants). AMC really is where it's all happening right now-- I'm already daydreaming about working there. Anyway, the episode aired this evening, called The Suitcase (I think) was one of the best episodes of any TV show, ever. It took place all over one evening and consisted of conversation, funny and tragic, between Don and Peggy, probably the most interesting characters of the show (aside from Joan. but Joan never really gets good episodes!). Nothing happened and yet everything happened. Towards the end Jon Hamm finally got a chance to dig into a really heavy, beautiful actor's moment (we all knew he could do it) that lasted for one single long take, and the whole thing was topped off by the two characters' acknowledgement of appreciation for oneanother. It was really fantastic, somewhat like Breaking Bad's loved/maligned episode from last season that took place in one paranoid afternoon between just Jesse and Walt (The Fly), which to me was phenomenal, but what. I think Mad Men's topped even that.

[I mean, I'm writing about it which either means I'm really bored (maybe) or it was THAT GOOD.]

I LOVE that. I LOVE witnessing the creation of REAL people-- characters and relationships that we can deeply invest in. That's what makes this type of production WORK and that's what we're seeing more of in television lately! I LIKE this trend. I wish it extended to mainstream film, which is on its downside right now. Maybe all the good characters migrated.

Incidentally, Jon Hamm. I love you.

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