Monday, September 27, 2010

one of my most favorite quotes from a play.

Felix: I can't stand it, Oscar. I hate me, oh boy, do I hate me.

Oscar: You don't hate you, you love you! You think no one has problems like you.

Felix: Don't give me that analyst jazz. I happen to know I hate my guts.

Oscar: Come on, Felix. I've never SEEN someone so in love.

Felix: I thought you were my friend.

Oscar: That's why I can talk to you like this. Because I love you almost as much as YOU do...


Sonja said...

Which play?

Katrina said...

It's from The Odd Couple by Neil Simon. The film also adapts it very well.

Sonja said...

My To-Read list is getting too long.

But still -- that's a pretty brilliant quote.

Katrina said...

oh my gosh, there are so many brilliant plays that are so worth reading. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and The Odd Couple are my favorites, but if you don't feel like reading them their respective movies are both very, very close to the text.