Monday, September 20, 2010

the vest is nice too.

Being very hormonal right now, all I can say is that if all men looked like that there would be no lesbians.

Jon Hamm transcends sexual preference, hahahaha.

....just kidding, of course. or maybe not. what? hot.

ps, that is the best vest in the world, i want it and i want more men to wear things like it.


Sonja said...

I have recently been crushing /hard/ on the waist coat myself. And other male actors. More so than usual, I must say.

I'm going to do is blame the hormones.

Katrina said...

Depending on the vest, they can be very slimming. I have a black denim one that I wear with pretty much everything. I bought a blue men's vest recently, for a looser look, but it doesn't look quite right on me.

but DANG. a guy in a vest........................ hormone PARTY.

hahahahaha i'm so weird.

Sonja said...

Once I have monies I intend to add vests and waistcoasts (is there a difference? I have no idea...I suck at fashion!) to my wardrobe -- my great ambition is to graduate in some sort of pinstripe get together with a matching waist coat, brainy specs (xmas gift to myself!) and a pair of matching converse so that I can be this mix of the tenth doctor (of Doctor Who fame of course) and...other people (one of whom was recently in the movie Inception. >.> <.<).

We can be weird together. =}