Sunday, September 26, 2010

kill it! kill it! no- no, stomp it!!

Sleepy Hollow, like most of Tim Burton's movies, had so much wasted potential (the original story really is so great, and if Burton had just built from that it could have been really solid, but he just kind of took the concept and stretched over many hits and misses), still, I really like it anyway. The art is exquisite, and Johnny Depp miiiiight give my most favorite performance of his with his perfect interpretation of Ichabod. I also like the nice, stylized romance between Ichabod and Katrina.
Also, Johnny Depp says "Katrina" alot, which is reason enough to watch. Although I've gotten used to hearing my name in connection to sprawling destruction, there's no other Katrina heroine that I know of. I wonder what it's like sometimes for the girls with the far more popular names like Emily, Emma, Amanda, Rachel, and how often they encounter characters with matching names. It must be normal for them, but it's weirdly thrilling for me.

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Emily Gant McGuire said...

It's just as thrilling for me! You know unless it's a movie about exorcisms. I was not happy when I saw the preview for that.