Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the kids are in trouble

i tried to sleep for two hours, but insomnia is nipping at my heels. i'm going to give it another go, but before I try I had to comfort myself with waking dreams of New York.

i'm wondering if i should just start applying for jobs and internships there. i can't pay to get there, but if I hooked a solid job I could borrow money for the trip and then just stay in a hostel (or my car...) until I got paid. not that jobs are any easier to come by there. but i feel like maybe if i were there, even if i were floundering like i am here, maybe i would feel like i was making some kind of progress. ugh. it would be lonely, though.

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Joshua said...

Hey, if you find a job I could definitely try to loan you enough for a one way ticket to NY.

Start applying!