Wednesday, September 15, 2010

amazingly bizarre

I just jolted awake from a long, weird, detailed and strangely constructed celebrity-infested dream. I haven't had one of those in ages, and certainly not one that I remember like I do now.

First of all, at the beginning of the dream (which, true, I don't remember but I do remember:) I knew somehow how the most of it would play out, like I was setting up the story, and what I was about to make or watch was some sort of movie, and Michael Caine and Ellen Page were in it and it was going to be Chris Nolany (of course). And then, true to weird dream form, I was also AS Ellen Page and the character as the dream went on, all the while behaving like a real person (well as much as dreams let ya), making choices about what I was going to do or say BUT at the same time knowing I was telling a story. Also everytime I saw Michael Caine I always thought, aha, Michael Caine.

Anyway, so as early as I can remember the story starting, I (Ellen-- best part being I sounded like her) am at a really elegant, awesome looking train station waiting for my train home, but I'm really sad because I have just come from the doctor who has informed me that I have cancer. I call my family (who are actors and not my own family at all) to tell them while I'm waiting for my train. Apparently I have type A, 3 cancer which is the worst, and the most unusual (in my dream). Obviously I'm kinda sad (but not all that sad). Then things start to feel sinister. A weird homeless man overhears me and said he knew someone with that cancer once, and that "they" will come and get me. Well, I wait forever and ever for my train but it doesn't come because there's been some horrible train wreck, so I try calling my parents to arrange something, but I can't get ahold of them, and random things start telling me that "they" are going to come and fetch me. Spooky. The train station has hardly anyone left in it. I call someone else to ask them to get me, and tell them about the cancer, and all of a sudden I hear Michael Caine's voice over my phone saying he's going to come and get me and "Save me"-- I do not know Michael Caine. So I figure he's the "they." So after alot of spookiness he finally shows up and I sense him from far away and try to get away but he chases me. At one point I hid, then ducked into the women's bathroom. Another woman went in right after me, so MC couldn't follow. While I'm in there I find out that there's a janitor access door to the next-door men's bathroom, so I force the lock and wait for the woman to leave, turning off the lights. As soon as I hear the click of the door starting to open again, I go into the men's bathroom and out the door that way. I start running out of the train station but Michael Caine pops out (in dark trenchcoat, FYI) and chases me out to the parking lot (it looks like something like Chicago or something). I get away and climb onto a car. Here's where it does get a tad bit fuzzy-- I'm not sure if the car started to float or if I had secretly attached myself to a flying machine. I'm going to guess flying machine 'cause the dream was kind of futuristic and I didn't think it was weird that I was floating. I do remember the person IN the machine not knowing I was on their roof, and I enjoyed the floating around, except I didn't know the Chicago area I was in very well, so I didn't know where to get off, but the flying machine gracefully set down outside of this office place just as I was getting afraid that I couldn't hold on anymore. I promptly went into the building only to find out that it was some weird, new agey cancer support group/alternative treatment place. I was all discombobulated, and had this weird conversation with a cancer patient who said that their daughter had died of cancer and now they were stricken also. They asked me what I had, and true to form I couldn't remember very well. "Uhh... I don't really... I think it's type A section 3. I'm dying, basically." And the people looked at each other and almost started to cry, and I knew it was because they had the same kind that I did. And then there was an odd moment where we all looked at a group project-- a collage with flowers on it??-- but THEN it turned out the doctor running this experimental, communal place was none other thannnnnn MICHAEL CAINE. DUM DUM DUM

Now, back to my thoughts at the start of the dream-- I knew that the dream would go as follows: Ellen has a weird, nontreatable cancer that Ellen has just found out about while "in town." The train thing happens so she can't get back. Michael Caine is made aware of her weird cancer. He experiments on people with this type of cancer (At first for cures and treatment, but then he discovered that these experiments could turn lucrative and powerful (HOW i'm not sure-- if there were superpowers involved or whathaveyou I don't know, but it WAS dark and sinister), and he's always on the prowl for someone with just this type of cancer. Somehow, in their chase he implants the need for Ellen to seek out the treatment center. I knew that once she got there she would get some of the treatment, but eventually she would find out the whole conspiracy and kill evil Michael Caine.

wtf awesome and weird.

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Sonja said...

Oh, that's amazing. I'm jealous of your high quality dreams!